How It All Began

This car sat in the Sonoran Desert from 1973 until 1996. The seats and door panels were removed and stored in a tack room, but the pack rats still destroyed everything that was not metal. Trash was stored inside to prevent the local critters from making a mess until it was time to take a trip to the dump.

The back window was broken and the top was badly dented by two legged critters. The southern Arizona environment did the rest. After changing the oil, flushing the gas tank and putting in fresh gas, it ran. The water pump seal was gone and it smoked a little, but it ran.

I found a 4 Dr Bel Air (back ground) in about the same shape to use as a parts car. It had a back window, 4 tires that would hold air, tubeless rims, 1 piece bumpers and a virgin left front fender. I salvaged lots of hardware and then sold it to somebody in Apache Junction, AZ.